Solar Technology Meets Your Needs

Static UPS

₹  3000.00

A Static UPS acts as a shield, filtering out power issues and seamlessly switching to battery power during outages.

Solar MPPT PCU : ALPHA 2000-DC24V

₹  27500.00

Solar PCU optimizes power from your solar panels, efficiently storing and managing energy for use when you need it most.

3 Phase Inverters

₹  2000.00

Designed for industrial and commercial applications, these inverters convert DC power from solar panels into clean and reliable AC power.

Sine Wave UPS

₹  3000.00

Sine Wave UPS systems replicate utility-grade electricity, ensuring uninterrupted operation and protection against power anomalies

Solar Water Heater

₹  4000.00

Our solar water heaters provide efficient, eco-friendly hot water solutions for your home or business.

Solar MPPT Chargers

₹  2000.00

Our solar MPPT chargers efficiently convert sunlight into power, ensuring your batteries stay charged with minimal waste.

Solar Street Light

₹  3000.00

Solar Street Lights harness the power of the sun to brighten streets, pathways, and public spaces, reducing energy costs and environmental impact.